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Some knitted items I’ve done recently.

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The Jenny Bag

I made this purse in one day! It’s so pretty. And my new rotary cutter really helped speed things up, cutting fabric wise. There was a glitch in the pattern, so I had to pull out my serger to help with some seams that showed. I contacted the pattern writer, and apparently the pattern was not updated and I was not notified, so I’m a little annoyed about THAT.

But I do love my new purse. 🙂 Plus it’s reversible. The inside fabric is black with off white/silver flowers. But I didn’t fix the inside yet due to the pattern issue.

The Jenny Bag

Jenny Bag

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I sold the hearts soaker with matching leggies today. It’s bittersweet for me–I really love this heart design. It turned out so well. I’m glad it’s going to a good home, and it’s nice that other people appreciate my work. But gosh is it hard to let this one go!

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try to knit 3 together. It just hurts your hands as you fight with the stupid yarn.

 I changed the pattern to avoid K3 and now I”m looking up how to do (K1, P1, K1) in front of next st. . .


I’m attempting to knit myself a pair of warm wool socks out of my precious Peace Fleece–in Volgassippi Blue, if you’re curious. It’s a beautiful soft blue with flecks of purple. The only hitch is it’s not machine washable. I intend to wear these around the house a great deal. Or maybe in my snow boots. It’s so fun to have snow boots. I do miss barefoot Florida winters, but when in Rome. . .

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Peace Fleece

I fell in love with Peace Fleece 2 years ago, when I first began knitting. I love the yarn itself, because it transforms with its first wash into a soft, glowy, ethereal wool. Yet it’s also durable! Who would have guessed?

 I also love this yarn because it promotes a message of peace. The Peace Fleece Story tells it better than I can, but basically they buy wool from farmers in difficult economic areas, such as Russia, Irael and Palestine. I have a soft spot for Russia, having visited Moldova when I was 16. I like to think that my purchase helps those farmers and shepherds find hope and increased comfort. The tag on the yarn says, “Warm wool from a cold war.” I like that.

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Valentine’s Day

To celebrate this love-filled day, I designed and knitted a wool soaker from Peace Fleece. I used the “Fair Isle” technique to create the lovely heart design across the middle.

It’s still blocking, but here is a preliminary picture:

Heart Soaker

And just to show the difference blocking makes, here are pics of the finished product!
Blocked, completed and ready for sale!

Close up of the heart design

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I’ve decided to separate my business/crafy side from the rest of me on the blogs. The rest of me is a bit personal, so I’m linking to the crafty designs blog on cool sites like ravelry, diaper sewing divas, etc.

I’m glad you’re here!

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